Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Hotel Stay


Wow....finally i setup this niche blog on My hotel stay experiences. You can call me Mrs.G. I'm such a hotel lover. I actually like to travel...but due to Mr.G's working schedule and commitments as well as my own too....we just cannot leave home long. Thus, whenever I feel the urge or need to go on a holiday, id just book into a local hotel to spend a night or two to relax. We have stayed in various hotels here in KL.

Usually, before i decide on which hotel to book, i'd look up some hotel reviews. And sometimes I do not get the details i needed, thus the idea of starting this blog, writing my personal reviews and opinion on the hotels that i've stayed before. Hopefully it will be useful for others like me. :)
Plus, it is a great way to keep a journal of my hotel stays.

Next up! My most recent hotel stay.....

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